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It is January again and that means it’s the time for garnet to shine. Garnet is January birthstone for both the modern and traditional calendars and the gem given on the second anniversary. This gemstone is commonly thought as a deep-red coloured stone. However, it can be found in almost any colour or even colourless.

Red almandine its a popular and affordable red garnet often found in jewellery as it is not a rare gem. Although, other specimens such us demantoid and tsavorite, both green types of garnet, are becoming more popular and come with a higher price tag as they aren’t as common as almandine. Today, most garnets are mined in Africa.

Whether you were born in January of just have a thing for the vibrant colours of the gem, or its reputed heath benefits let me assure you we we can help you creating that perfect piece of jewellery you are dreaming of.

Along with garnet and precious gemstones, we create custom jewellery that is designed to bring to life what you have in mind. Our jewellery is carefully and thoughtfully made to fit our natural garnets and gemstones and any requests you might have.

Our store is conveniently located in the heart of Perth CBD. Call us now to make an appointment or visit us during our business hours. We will be happy to serve you and attend to all your queries.

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