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Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February, it is also the gemstone given traditionally on the sixth wedding anniversary. It's a purple/violet gemstone member of the quartz family which is recognised for always having a violet hue. Though, its colour ranges anywhere from colourless lilac to a deep, vivid purple.

Jewellery adorned with amethyst is safe for everyday wearing, it is a 7 on the Mosh scale of hardness. With time and wear, the gem might be scratched specially if it store next to harder gemstones such as diamonds.

The most important source of amethyst in earlier times was Russia but in the later part of the nineteenth century, a vast amount of amethyst was found in Brazil and Uruguay, this discovery made the value of the violet gemstone fell greatly and since is abundantly found. Today the larger sources of amethyst are still found in South America and Africa.

We can help  not only sourcing a beautiful amethyst but also creating a fashionable and eye turner piece of jewellery. Gemstone Western Australia is a WA business located in the heart of Perth CDB. We are committed to bring you ethically sourced natural gemstones and dazzling bespoke jewellery.

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