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Alexandrite  -  Chrysoberyl

Alexandrite is the colour change variety of the chrysoberyl crystal and it's the birthstone for the month of June.  These rare gemstones are highly coveted as they change colour depending on the source of light that they are exposed to. Alex gems are commonly bluish green in daylight or cool lights and, pinkish red in incandescent or warm lights.

These exclusive gems are also known as the emperor gemstone which is emerald by day and ruby by night.   This gemstone is very unique and really hard to find therefore it may demand really high prices; especially when the gems are over one-carat size.

We can help not only source a beautiful alexandrite but also create a fashionable and eye-turner piece of jewelry. Gemstone Western Australia is a WA business located in the heart of Perth CDB. We are committed to bringing you ethically sourced natural gemstones and dazzling bespoke jewellery.

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