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Emerald Earrings

Emerald Earrings are the perfect gift for your loved one.  Dress up and sparkle with the most unique green gemstone in nature.  Show off the elegance of the vivid green and bluish green hue with a pair of sophisticated earrings. Whether you wear studs or dangling drop-style earrings make sure you have a  unique masterpiece made with the best emeralds in the world.  That is the reason we only use natural Colombian emeralds in our earrings collection.

We are a family-owned business of gemologists, miners and dealers specialising in natural emeralds and colour gemstones with boutiques in the centre of the emerald world, Bogota, Colombia and Perth, Australia. Being in the field for over 40 years, we can assure you, that you are getting expert advice. We love what we do and are all about making sure you fully understand what is in the piece you are purchasing and that it is real and natural. We can custom create any piece of jewellery so you can have any design come to life.

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