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Yellow, rose and white: the beautiful colors of gold

Pure gold

Gorgeous jewellery pieces are made with the diverse varieties of gold, being the classical yellow the most common.

However, rose, and white gold jewellery are very valuable for many consumers and for this reason we want to explain to you the relevant characteristics of each one, giving an overview and helping you make the best choice in your jewellery piece.  

18k gold is well known as a measure of high quality for this precious metal, but the reason for that is less famous. Basically, it is related to a simple formula.  

Pure gold has 24k, that means 24 parts of the metal and 100% purity. So, you would be wondering, why is better 18k over 24k? The answer is pure gold is the most malleable of the metals, and due to this practically impossible to use in jewellery. 

To deal with this, Jewellelers make alloys with other metals that gives strength, durability and a variety of color and shinning to rings, necklace, earrings, and other beautiful jewellery pieces.   

Everything depends on what is wanted. The more gold you have, the best purity you will get. However, a big part of other metals will give more strength.  

Here there are the most common alloy measurements for our precious metal, the ones used in jewellery and a focus in 18k gold with the resulting colors:  

18k gold