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Jewellery for the best impression

Are you looking to elevate your outfit and look your best in your everyday? No matter the occasion, 
jewellery will give you the touch that you are looking for

Elegant, minimal, casual… jewellery has the versatility you need to add that special touch. There are plenty of designs, 
materials and styles that will fit your fashion choice. So, here are some recommendations for the best accessories.

If you have plans for a romantic dinner, a cocktail party or you just need something that makes a statement in your 
everyday look, then we recommend you wear a pendant

A dazzling pendant featuring a natural gemstone and perhaps some diamonds is going to highlight your neck and give 
you a balance between formal and casual style.

Color gemstones are amazing for pendants. Natural sapphires, rubies, alexandrites and emeralds will surely turn heads. 
Make sure your other accessories match the gold colour of your pendant.

Furthermore, if you are interested in thematic jewels, you should try pendants with animal designs or nature inspired 
that incorporate precious gemstones in an authentic and unique way.

Equally, your ears are very important to give that feminine and neat look. So, studs, drop and dangle earrings featuring a 
wonderful colour gemstone are a must.

Additionally, you can make an appointment with us to create some bespoke earrings. You can choose between a vintage or 
contemporary design and the gem’s cut of your preference to get the most amazing accessories for your ears.

Finally, your outfit will be completed with an astonishing ring. They could be the statement of your look and make it look 
stylish. A sophisticated gold or platinum ring with a highlighted emerald, ruby, sapphire or alexandrite will make your hands 
the envy of anyone.

So, find out the most beautiful and versatile jewellery in our boutique in Perth CBD or on our website. In addition, if 
you need more information and advice let us know here.