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Engagement ring: how to choose the perfect one

Engagement ring
The engagement ring, without a doubt, is a significant symbol that represents the love pact between a couple. In fact, being engaged is 
one of the most important decisions in life and choosing the right ring initiates a journey of success.
Following tradition, the ideal jewel must be in yellow gold with a central diamond. However, despite this is an amazing option, it is not 
the only one.

The first thing to know is that there are other high-quality materials that could fit in your fiancée’s dream ring. White gold, rose gold and 
platinum are incredible options for a perfect engagement ring. Therefore, if you want to know more about the different types of gold just 
click here.

In second place, color gems could be the special feature to get a unique and astonishing engagement ring. For instance, to choose an 
emerald as a central stone with diamond accents, or in a halo will give you a breathtaking jewel with contrast to cherish forever.

At GWA we use natural Colombian emeralds, the most valuable in the world for their purity, beauty, and quality. This precious stone fits 
perfectly in any design and looks amazing in yellow, rose, and white gold as well as platinum.

In addition, you may also consider our sapphires if you and your fiancée are into blue tones or other of its color possibilities. This beautiful 
stone is perfect for an engagement ring because of its versatility, durability and the precious shine it has.

What is more, the deepest red and the elegance of the rubies would be a wonderful choice. This gem is truly appreciated for its distinctive 
color and value. Some of the most famous jewellery pieces in History have had rubies on them. Of course, beautiful rings are on the list.

Last but not least, alexandrites are the perfect option for something really dazzling, special and unique. This stone has the property to 
change its tones with different light reflections. Your fiancée surely would love it.

In sum, we have a wide selection of natural gems from Australia, Colombia, and Sri Lanka (Ceylon) that you can view at our boutique or visit 
our website to see a glimpse of our collection.

Finally, the best engagement ring is the one that truly represents what you have always dreamed of for your fiancée and the one that is 
appealing to the both of you. A ring that remembers eternal love in every sight.

So, if you are ready to take the big step, you can book an appointment with us here and an expert will help you create the perfect ring.