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Diamonds: April's birthstone

Diamonds are, without a doubt, one of the most coveted gemstones in History. This is due to its elegance 
and association with iconic engagement rings. Additionally, most people do not know that they are also 
April's birthstone.

Let’s dive into some diamond knowledge with a brief guide about the 4 C’s. This is cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These are industry 
standards to measure quality levels for April’s birthstone

The diamond cut, is one of the most important features to choose when selecting a diamond, it not only refers to its shape but also to how 
the gemstone facets interact with light.

A perfect diamond must have balanced angles, precision in the symmetry of the cuts and a beautiful outside finished polish. When all these 
characteristics meet, light will travel through gemstone facets reflecting brightness and sparkle with astonishing splendor.

Following that, color is truly relevant to measure the quality of diamonds. There is a natural color scale for these precious stones from yellow 
tones to the desired brilliant white. In fact, for these April’s birthstone the most valuable and desirable would be the ones with less color.

Now, regarding clarity, it defines the imperfections that diamonds could have. The less inclusions it has, the more clarity it will get. In other
gemstones, inclusions are synonyms of authenticity and are part of its beauty. However, in diamonds they are not a recommended 

Last but not least, carat, it is the measurement used to weight diamonds and gemstones in general. One carat is equivalent to 0.20 grams. 
Although, “bigger is always better”, it is relevant to clarify that weight alone does not result in a very valuable diamond, the requirement is to 
have a good mix of the other C’s for a diamond to be worth its weight.

Saying that, small diamonds are also used in many jewellery pieces to create diamond accents, halos and more. There are beautiful rings, 
pendants, earrings,
and others with dazzling designs that utilizes various diamond sizes to add more sparkle and elevate the piece.

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Finally, diamonds are the hardest gemstones. Only a diamond could scratch another one. This means that a jewel with April’s birthstone will be 
not just beautiful, it will also be a very durable one

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