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Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day

Today we celebrate a day of love, appreciation, respect, or a day to spoil your lover. Though that is not how Valentine’s day first came about.

Originally it is said that Saint Valentine was martyred, in the name of love for marrying couples. Thanks to English novelists and poets like Geoffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare, we know see the 14th of February not as a day of death but as a day of love. Therefore, February 14th has become more popular as a day to celebrate or spoil the one you love with jewellery and chocolate.

Here at Gemstone Western Australia,  We can only recommend the best. With heart shaped precious gemstones (Emeralds, Diamonds, Rubies and Sapphires) and semi-precious stones being unique and perfect for Valentines day.

Heart shaped stones come in a variety of sizes, and different gemstones, so you can always get the perfect ring, earring, necklace, pendant or bracelet that is unique and precious for your lover. If you do not wish for a precious gemstone, then why not an Amethyst as they are the birthstone for February, whatever you choose, you can find or design what you desire with us.

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