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Right or left? The correct hand for an engagement ring

Hands for the engagement ring
Proposing to your fiancée must be a remarkable moment. So, to make this unique moment as smooth as possible, you probably need to know 
which is the correct hand in which to put on the engagement ring.

The truth is that there is not a strict rule regarding a specific hand for the ring. However, there are some traditions that could help you decide in 
advance to avoid a stressful moment on the special occasion.

The first belief that is widely accepted in many countries is to put on the engagement ring in the left hand. Nevertheless, in some places it is likely
 to put on the ring in the right hand due to religious significance. It is believed that the left side is related to adversity.

Besides, there are people who consider their dominant side over any tradition. For them comfort is first, and this means that is best to wear the 
engagement ring in their passive hand and to let free the dominant one.
In addition, in some places is normal that men wear a ring as well as women. In these cases, it is usual to put their rings on opposite hands and this 
also has a significance. The reason is that when both hands are intertwined the rings remain united as a pact of love.

Finally, the most important thing about the proposal is to be prepared and to have a simple plan to lead you through it. There is not a specific rule that
dictates in which hand to wear the engagement ring, everything will depend on your preferences and traditions and, ultimately, how the moment 
develops. Above all, the aim is to enjoy the beautiful occasion.

So, what is relevant is to give your fiancée an unforgettable moment and an astonishing ring that reminds her in every sight of the wonderful day when 
you got engaged, no matter which hand the ring is on.

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