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Renewing marriage vows?

As a way of celebrating an enduring love, couples tend to renew marriage votes. This is also a perfect 
occasion to give your partner a new ring that symbolizes the special journey you have been taking 

Marriage vows

There is no specific time for renewing marriage vows, neither a unique reason. Couples decide to do this to confirm their eternal love and 
after going through important episodes in their lives.

One of the things that could motivate a marriage to get second vows is a relevant anniversary date. After spending years together, and 
sharing so many experiences, it seems like a perfect moment for promising love again to each other.

In this case, it is a good idea to check the corresponding gift (gemstone) for the anniversary date. For example, to celebrate 20 years of 
marriage, the gift should be some jewellery featuring emerald. In GWA we have the best selection of emeralds, diamonds, sapphires
rubies and alexandrites from Colombia, Australia and Sri Lanka that will fit perfectly.

Another good time for renewing marriage votes is after overcoming hard situations or crisis. There would not be a better way to make the 
marriage stronger than a new commitment in a beautiful second wedding ceremony. For this option it would be lovely to get new gold or
platinum wedding rings.

Additionally, happy announcements could be a good reason as well for second vows. Pregnancy news, a new life beginning in your own 
home, or a big couple's achievement would be a perfect excuse to say yes again to your loved one.

In short, to renew vows is to celebrate love, it is a way of remembering a lifepath together and a new promise for sharing more experiences
as a couple. To commemorate this special occasion with you, find the perfect ring, pendant or earrings in our boutique or website and for 
further information book an appointment here.
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