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Perfect gemstones for every season

Thinking about proposing but not knowing what kind of ring to give to your loved one? Don´t worry about it! Choose 
a gemstone that matches the season

Perfect gemstones for every season

Each season has representative characteristics and symbols such as associated colors, weather, and more. These attributes can inspire you to
decide what kind of gemstone you could use for your marriage proposal.

In fact, we are going to give you some ideas to match color gemstones perfectly with every season and as a result, give your special person a 
wonderful and unforgettable proposal moment.

If you are planning to propose in winter, there are amazing color gemstones that you could choose for the perfect ring. Winter is generally associated 
with blue or white tones so, a beautiful blue sapphire or an aquamarine surrounded by a halo of brilliant cut diamonds will be excellent options for a 
dreamy option.

Moreover, a proposal in the autumn would be in a context of burned and intense tones, where beautiful landscapes could be perfect locations for the 
special moment.

In addition, the gemstones that would make that occasion in life extra special would be, without a doubt, deep red rubies and alexandrites with 
changing green and red tones.

For spring, which is a season of flowering and colorful significance, you will not have a better option than an emerald ring.

Emeralds are gemstones with beautiful green tones that will fit extremely well with the idea of starting a new pathway with your beloved person in the 
season that represents new beginnings.

And last but not least, it is easy to guess that summer is related to brilliance and shining yellow tones that could represent all the joy that a “yes” answer 
will bring at the moment of the proposal.

So, to have a unique match with this atmosphere a ring with a yellow sapphire or an exotic sunset tone padparadscha would be more than perfect.

Finally, whichever colour you would like to see, at GWA we stock a wide range of natural loose gemstones from Colombia, Australia, and Sri Lanka for 
you to choose. All our pieces are checked by our expert gemmologist and come with a certificate of authenticity.

So, get the perfect ring for your proposal by visiting us at our boutique in Peth CBD or on our website. Also, make an appointment here to 
get advice from our jewellery experts.
At Gemstone Western Australia, our family of gemologists and miners brings generations of expertise and a passion for crafting exquisite jewelry with natural emeralds and precious gemstones. We provide stunning, high-quality pieces and share our knowledge to help you appreciate these Earthly treasures.
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