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Colombian emeralds: facts that you should know

It is well known that Colombian emeralds are the best in the world. However, many people 
just know them for their green tone.


In Gemstone Western Australia we are proud suppliers of natural, certified Colombian emeralds. At our boutique, you can find beautiful 
jewellery pieces
that feature this stunning precious gemstone. In addition, we want to give you interesting facts that support why these
 gems are so special.

To begin with, Colombian emeralds are well known for their characteristic bluish-green tone, a variety of its colour that is highly coveted 
and it’s given by the particular conditions of Colombian soil.

In the second place, trapiche emeralds are mainly found in Colombia and are considered as one of the most unique gems in the world. 
Also, its name has an interesting significance. A trapiche is a rudimental machine used by Colombian villagers to compress sugar cane 
and it is believed that its pinions have the same shape of this variety of the precious stone.

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Besides, the most valuable and astonishing ever found emeralds are from Colombia. Just to name some, The Gachalá emerald, found in 
1967 in a village with the same name, is part of the exclusive collection of Smithsoniano Institute in Washington.

The Fura emerald, found in 1999 in Muzo, Boyacá, is the second largest cut emerald in the world with 11.000 carats and 2.2 kilograms. 
Also, in 1995 was registered in the World Guinness Records the biggest emerald crystal ever found that is from Las Cruces village in 
Boyacá, Colombia.

Finally, a big number of personalities, monarchs and influential people around the world have chosen Colombian emeralds for their 
jewellery pieces due to its purity, exclusivity and high quality.

One of the most remarkable stories about this is from the tiara made with Colombian emeralds that belonged to princess Katharina Henckel 
Von Donnersmarck. This jewell was auctioned off in 2011 for almost 13 million US dollars, being the most expensive in the world.

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